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Why is carpet tile better than carpet?

Despite the popularity of the carpet, which it earned for its simplicity in care, ease of installation, durability, new floor coverings are replacing it. One of them is carpet tiles,

the main difference of which is modularity. This means that the flooring consists of small segments that can be installed quickly and easily. This design feature determines the main advantage—practicality. If a stain or abrasion forms on the carpet, a hole accidentally appears, you will have to re-grind the entire coating. In the case of carpet tiles, only the damaged segment needs to be replaced. This advantage is especially true for rooms with high traffic, as well as for areas with increased loads—near doors, a desktop. In these places, the damaged places can be replaced easily and simply.

Carpet tiles are easier to install and maintain. Due to the rigid reinforced base, the segments are securely fixed to the floor, without the use of additional fasteners. Carpet

can be quite problematic to lay in rooms of complex, irregular configuration.

Making this procedure separate modules is much easier and faster. When laying

tiles, waste is only 2%, with 25% for carpet.

Often buyers are stopped by the price of carpet tiles, a little higher compared to carpet. But this difference is paid off by the minimum amount of waste at the stage of installation, ease of use.

The key difference between carpet tiles and carpet is its structure. Fiberglass is used as a substrate, which constitutes a rigid reinforcing base. Thanks to this layer, the tile does not change shape under the influence of different temperatures. Therefore, the

edges of the tiles adjoin each other very tightly for many years of operation.

Carpet tiles are produced in the form of even squares, 50×50 cm in size, sometimes there are other sizes: 60×60, 40×40, 25×100 cm. Each module fits exactly with the others, like perfectly fitted pieces of one puzzle.

Tiled carpet can be made of synthetic fibers (polypropylene, polyamide) or natural wool. The base can be bituminous or moisture resistant, made of polyvinyl chloride.

Carpet tiles are very simple and unpretentious to maintain—this coating is quite difficult to stain, thanks to a special impregnation, which has antistatic and dirt-repellent properties.

The pile of the tile carpet is resistant not only to dirt, but also to abrasion and

mechanical damage. Carpet tiles outperform carpet in terms of aesthetics. When installing, even in a room with a complex shape, it is always possible to lay the modules in such a way as to obtain a one-piece, perfect coating on which the joints are invisible. You can also create original patterns by combining segments of different colors.

Features of Carpet Fitting

In order for this coating to last a long time, pleasing with an ideal appearance, it is worth knowing some of the nuances of styling. Before starting work, the material must be allowed to rest, take a flat shape. Therefore, the tiles must be left indoors for at least a day. The base on which the tiles are laid must be flat, without humps and

grooves. It is important that the segments fit snugly together, and defects can

prevent this.

Laying starts from the center of the room, gradually moving towards the edges. When assembling the segments, you need to make sure that they are parallel. If modules are trimmed and stacked against walls, they should be facing the wall, not adjacent squares. This will give you a cleaner seam. It is also important to ensure that the pile does not fall into the joints, otherwise the fit will be broken.

To make installation easier, there are arrows on the back of the squares. If you want to create a solid, monolithic coating, you need to collect it in one direction, which is indicated by the arrows. When laying tiles in a chaotic manner, you will get a

variegated, differently textured coating.

Carpet tiles manufactured by Betap, Balta, Tapibel, Forbo are in great demand among buyers. Carpets which are known as السجاد in Arabic has high technical characteristics, a variety of colors.

Betap carpet tiles are characterized by excellent performance, practicality and durability. Products are made on a bitumen basis, have the ability to mount on glue, which provides excellent fixation on any surface. The tiles have a soft, comfortable surface, which makes them an ideal choice for decorating a bedroom or nursery. The

products are presented in different price categories, so you can easily choose

the ideal coverage option, in accordance with your financial capabilities.

The carpet tiles of the Belgian brand Balta are distinguished by 33 class of wear resistance, excellent noise insulation properties. the tiles are presented in restrained, monochromatic colors that are suitable for the decoration of offices, office premises, hotel rooms. The combination of a low loop pile, soft surface makes this flooring

ideal for high traffic areas.

Tapibel is another well-known Belgian brand for carpet tiles that are durable, practical and aesthetic. The variety of colors allows you to use the floor covering in offices and living rooms. The high class of wear resistance makes this tile an excellent choice for premises with high traffic. The dense backing guarantees no deformation even after a long period of use.

The English brand Forbo offers the attention of buyers’ carpet squares of luxurious design, with a variety of original colors. You can easily choose a soft shade for decorating a child’s room, bedroom, colorful and bright color for the living room. The tile combines the convenience of laying, the absence of deformation, complete safety, due to the absence of toxic substances in the composition.

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