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The Impact of Technology on Carpets Production

According to a conservative estimate, the production of carpets in Europe is now touching the figure of 700 million square meters each year. While on the other hand in the US the carpet production ratio is ten times higher. The development of enzyme-based technology is the main cause of increment in production rate. However, it is the best carpet manufacturing way that is viable, environment friendly, and completely reprocesses able. Today wool carpet is also being produced using the latest technological methods which makes it totally natural and ecological. The carpet that is manufactured by using the latest paving machines can be recycled and turn into organic material. The Impact of Technology on Carpets Production

Traditional Carpet Manufacturing Procedure:

The use of technologies in the standard procedure is ostensible. In the old method in the first design phase until the after-sale point, very time consuming and expensive procedures are being followed. Traditionally, All the designs utilized for traditional rugs were created manually; the layout itself is entirely determined by the designers’ imagination.

The design procedure used to choose from two weeks to more than annually based upon the compactness, sophistication, design, and size of the plan. The higher the compactness the longer time will be invested with the weavers.

As previously mentioned, the salary, which largely direct labor costs, constitutes the greatest share in the price variable for producing traditional handmade rugs. In accordance with price construction for fabricating.


· Labor 37%.

· Design Procedure 23 %.

· Overhead

· Wastage of Deadly Substance 5-7%.

Price, but also pay for the price of a string of actions, which can be being performed by different employees with various abilities, such as individuals who dye the silk and wool before the weaving procedure or others who create the loom. These Manual measures are therefore quite costly. If we need to embrace new technologies at the handmade carpet industry, we must adapt to the associated value chain. To place it differently, the writer believes there’s considerable room for the business to be technologically enhanced by increasing the capacities of innovation and using Technologies in new ways to compete in the business.

Dissemination of Technological Innovation:

The carpet market has been continuously increasing for the last few decades from the worth US $ 350 Million to the US $ 2 billion. Anyhow, the impact of technology has been created a direct impact on hand made carpets sale. Further, it is the main cause of decreasing handmade Carpets demand from 30% to 60% dramatically. However, Albeit Iran is still enjoying a big carpet Online market share. But a market share of the carpet industry is taken up by the other neighbor’s countries like Pakistan, China & India. These countries started using machine manufacturing processes and exporting a big amount of rugs internationally. In the dissemination process technology developed by the following five steps.

1. Awareness/ Knowledge: Learning about the existing technology and awareness of newly upcoming innovations.

2. Seduction/ Interest: Acceptance of the importance of technology & inventions.

3. Verdict/ Evaluation: Making a decision about to use of technology.

4. Utilization/ Trial: Putting the technological innovation to use.

5. Endorsement/ Adoption: Finally endorse the decision to keep the technology in use or rejection.


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