Tajumal Hussain – Tech & News – Reporter

Tajumal Hussain covers the news and tech category of Pro Magzine. He also is interested in news in the business, finance and oil sector. He holds an MBA degree specialization in finance. Writing about finance is where his two great passions and profession meet. Aslam has been updating the public on various tech news and Business reports with regular contributions to Pro Magzine.

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JessicaTech Updates – Travel – Top 10 – Reporter

Jessica is a dreamer. Who also loves to write, focuses primarily on technology but also pays attention and has an interest in writing in multiple domains, i.e: travel, entertainment, shopping, & memes.

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Bryan Chole – Political news – 

Bryan Chole, born and raised in New Orleans, LA, was a freelance writer before shifting permanently to political analysis where he now works at a SaaS-based company. He loves blogging about Africa, Azerbaijan,  everything related to Political.

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