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Maimane condemns racial divide in open letter

Mmusi Maimane took to Twitter to endorse the open letter he penned to White South Africans, in which he condemned the evident racial divide in the country.

One South Africa Movement’s Mmusi Maimane took to Twitter on Friday, 23 October 2020, to endorse his open letter to White South Africans. The letter presented a three-pronged approach to how White South Africans can come to the party to collectively tackle redress.

“This letter is an invitation to you. An invitation into dialogue. To a conversation about a new of bringing about change in this country we call home,” Maimane stated. He then went on to address the prevalent fear and how integration is important between racial groups, in order to break down stereotypes and encourage cohesion between races.

Maimane then touched on the importance of education. Education has been an important part of his movement’s focus and mandate, therefore, he continued to highlight how a disparity in education, due to socio-economic standing, further fuels racial tension.

He concluded by discussing polarisation and noting how differences between races are propagated as a political tool, rather than a fact.


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