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Johnny Depp Finds Amber Heard Cut His Finger

Magnificent fresh valuable points obtain emerged about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s relationship as their correct wrestle rages on. Following the leaked audio tapes implicating Heard of frequently abusing her old fashioned husband eventually of their marriage, fresh video images has emerged. The pictures exhibits Depp describing in detail how Heard severed his finger lend a hand in 2015.

Depp claims that his finger bled adore “Vesuvius” after Heard threw a vodka bottle at him. The 56-year-old actor had arrived slack for his ex-valuable other’s birthday occasion and the recount escalated. As extra proof comes to light about their volatile relationship, social media is flocking to crimson meat up Depp. With the hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp trending since February, the consensus is now that Depp used to be falsely accused of perpetrating the abuse.

Johnny Depp

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Now no longer An Isolated Incident (Johnny Depp)

Extra valuable points about the altercation consist of scientific doctors frantically searching out for Depp’s finger as Heard sobbed. This wasn’t an isolated incident both, as the audiotapes and court paperwork display that Heard automatically abused her ex-husband. Her makeup artist testified that Heard had no viewed injuries after she accused Depp of hitting her. Others obtain additionally come forward in sharing tales of Heard’s toxicity.

Following years of controversy, Depp ought to be breathing a reveal of reduction. For one, his feature in Unbelievable Beasts used to be mired in controversy from the get-coast as a outcomes of these allegations. JK Rowling, who publicly defended Depp after pointing out that she has viewed the proof used to be additionally centered. Along with Rowling, several of Depp’s exes obtain sprung forward in his protection.

Rumors abound that Warner Bros. view on shedding Heard as Mera from Aquaman. Right here is as smartly as to the jail time that she is at display facing if convicted of committing perjury. It’s mountainous to be aware that the mainstream media is at last waking up and rallying to Depp’s aspect.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

In the put up #MeToo generation, Depp’s case is shedding light on how abuse is aware of no gender. If guilty, Heard deserves to be vilified for falsely painting herself as a victim. The hypocrisy on display when she labels herself as an advocate of abuse victims is sickening, all whereas her actions standing in deep distinction with the very basis of the #MeToo motion.