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Hrithik Roshan has a undeniable message for his young fans

Netflix potentialities take that an episode on Korean sequence My Secret, Terius would possibly perhaps well dangle predicted the coronavirus two years earlier than it if truth be told came about. With a complete bunch of us streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime at some level of the quarantine, some Netflix potentialities glided via the 2018 South Korean drama ‘My Secret, Terrius’. The sequence is within the market in a complete bunch international locations worldwide. On the different hand, it’s not accessible in India as of nonetheless. Many clients who watched the existing identified that it had some uncanny similarities to the coronavirus outbreak that we face within the mean time.

The episode, which has carry out correct into a viral sensation, has a particular person telling his accomplice to dwell in his situation to be protected. That is loads like the advice being given out to forestall the unfold of the coronavirus outbreak. As effectively as, the episode moreover has a effectively being care provider explaining concerning the mutant coronavirus outbreak which assaults the respiratory organ.

Additionally, the episode has a scene the build a effectively being care provider hands over a file. The dialog thereafter is eerily fair correct like the scenario within the mean time.

“We would possibly perhaps well restful carry out extra diagnosis, then again it completely appears like a mutant coronavirus.”

“Corona? Then MERS?”

“MERS, SARS, the unique flu. All of them fall within the an identical gene household with the an identical gene facts. The coronavirus assaults the respiratory machine. Thru the 2015 MERS epidemic, the mortality trace became over 20 %.”

“Nonetheless that’s not excessive adequate to be used as a weapon. Am I improper?”

“Esteem I discussed, this is also a mutant virus. Any individual tweaked it to enhance the mortality trace to 90 %.”

Search the video lawful right here:

CORONA EPISODE … Please see this… not totally a random forward…

Discontinue what you’re doing factual now…. Scurry on Netflix… form in My Secret Terrius, hunch to Season 1, episode 10 and skip to 53 minutes 😳 if truth be told freaked me out!!

Piece as a outcomes of I divulge this would possibly perhaps well perhaps seemingly be taken down…


The episode has since gone viral. Other folks dangle been reacting and speculating concerning the episode. Opt a gaze at quite just a few the reactions to the episode below:

My Secret Terrius, Season 1, Ep.10 at Netflix!

Skip to 53 earlier than they pull this shit corona virus down.(SUBTITLE)

This would possibly perhaps ship a shiver down your backbone.From this you’re going to safe to know that corona is china’s organic weapon which became developed earlier than 2018 !#ChineseVirus19 👇

— RAJU 💯Followback (@DakshMahajan18) March 26, 2020

This sequence is “My secret, terrius”

Now not accessible on Netflix now!! It’s compelling me to imagine on all conspiracy theories that’s circulating round! @amritabhinder @arunbothra

— Anupriya Singh (@cricketwoman) March 26, 2020

It is a Japanese serial named My Secret Terrius , final aired in 2018, simply consume a gaze what they r taking about. #CoronaVirus

This can’t be twist of fate. All these whoever is accountable for this pandemic would possibly perhaps well restful be punished,They cannot resolve who

deserves to die. We need an ans.

— Rimmi Bhargava (@I_speaktruth10) March 26, 2020

It is a South Korea Movie,

Shot in 2018

Title: “My Secret Terrius”

This movie Predicted the Corona Virus Pandemic and Bought it Correct 100%!

No.. this can’t be Coincidence,

Some location of folks are Controlling this Universe scientifically.

Let’s be Cautious!!

— Shadrack Amonoo Crabe (HumbleGangsta👁‍🗨) (@Gedio10) March 26, 2020

My Secret Terrius, Season 1, Ep.10


Skip to 53 earlier than they pull this down.

This would possibly perhaps ship a shiver down your backbone.#ChineseVirus19

Thanks for the video @akanxabisht!

— Xi Xinping (@AdvancedMaushi) March 26, 2020

What carry out you listen on this episode of My Secret Terius? This isn’t the main occasion the build folks dangle drawn parallels between right life and in vogue media. Some folks imagine The Simpsons predicted the Coronavirus outbreak in a 1993 episode. As effectively as, American media persona Kim Kardashian talked about that psychic Sylia Browne predicted coronavirus 12 years again.