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How to choose carpets in Dubai?

It is a mistake to buy just because you like the design and color. To avoid failure, the following is important.

  • Decide the carpet installation place
  • Select a pattern / color
  • Understand the functionality of the pattern and color of the carpet
  • The rug is the best for small areas
  • General sizes of rugs & carpets
  • Which is better for the living room, rug, or carpet?

Let’s introduce the basic knowledge for “choosing”, “knowing” and “enjoying” carpets.

Decide the carpet installation place

First of all, it is important to decide where (room/place) to lay the carpet. The size, functionality, color, and material of the rugs and carpets Dubai, you choose will vary depending on where you lay them. For example, dining and kitchen are easy to get dirty, so functionality is important. The colors are brown, beige, gray, etc., where dirt is not noticeable. Nylon-based material with an emphasis on durability for a living room where the family gathers. The patterns and colors are plain and orthodox colors so that family tastes are not divided. In the bedroom, we emphasize purple and gray colors that have a relaxing effect. Also, since it is easy to sweat while sleeping, consider the functionality of adsorbing and deodorizing daily odors.

functionality according to the selected pattern and color

Play hair prevention function is a standard in children’s rooms. When laying under a desk, nylon material is the best considering the wear of chairs. The colors are bright green and pink. For living alone or in a small room, you often spend time in one room, so the size and shape that suits your purpose is important. Basically, for the feet of your bed or sofa, choose a long rectangular shape such as a kitchen mat or floor mat, or a circular type or square depending on whether you want to lay it under a table. For a limited period of time, such as when you are assigned to work alone, choose a smaller carpet. The carpet may be discarded when you leave the room, and smaller size can reduce transportation and disposal costs. In this way, the lifestyle and color pattern will change depending on where you lay it.

Select a pattern / color

Select a pattern colorIt is important to decide the pattern and color to one for the room you want to carpet. If you can’t change the furniture and sofas in your room, we recommend that you choose a pattern and color that makes the most of the carpet, although you can understand how it feels when there is a wide variety of types. If you are particular about carpets Dubai and rugs, furniture and sofas will probably be uniform, so if you decide on a pattern and color, you may be able to choose without getting worried about it. Textures and materials determine the usability, and patterns and colors are the visual elements. Please choose the one that suits your home! Next, we will include the necessary functionality. Of course, we choose only the minimum functionality of the carpet.


Understand the functionality of the pattern and color of the carpet

Make sure to include the functionality required for the selected pattern or color (e.g., mite-proof, antibacterial, water-repellent). In particular, anti-tick processing is often standard equipment on current carpets and rugs, and the water-repellent function does not allow water to soak into it, so it can also be used as a countermeasure against pets. Since the minimum required functionality is sufficient, it is important to purchase rugs within your budget as much as possible without adding too much flame and stain protection. In addition, it is important to choose detailed functionality, but if interior design is important, it is more likely that you will not fail if you first choose the pattern and color and then choose the carpet Dubai that matches your room.

The rug is the best for small areas

the rug is the bestIf you only need a rug for a part of the room, it may be easier and more convenient to use a rug instead of a carpet. The mainstream of rugs is about 10 to 20 Sq. M, and if you think that it is enough to lay a little between the bed and the TV, it can be said that rugs are more suitable. That’s right. There is also a circular type, which has the advantage of giving a brilliant appearance. The characteristic of rugs is that they are often used in a sitting space rather than to prevent scratches on furniture. There are many types of rugs in small sizes such as 100 cm x 100 cm and 100 cm x 140 cm, so you can find the one you like.


General sizes of rugs & carpets

Most rugs and carpets Dubai are ready-made. We assume general room shapes such as 100 cm x 140 cm and 200 cm x 200 cm. For example, if the floor of the living room is about 60 square meters, it is not possible to use the regulated size when you want to cover the entire surface. In that case, there is also an order type that cuts the size. For size order cuts, measure the width and length of the floor you want to spread before deciding the pattern and color. Once you have decided so far, all you have to do is search on the dedicated site.

If you are looking for the best carpet supplier in Dubai, we recommend you Hala Furniture.

Which is better for the living room, rug, or carpet?

rugs vs carpetAlthough it depends on the size of the room and the arrangement of furniture, in general, carpets are often used. As a rule of thumb, the size of the carpet laid in a 9 square meter is 185 cm x 185 cm, in a 12 square meter room it is 185 cm x 240 cm, and in a 15 square meters room, it is 200 cm x 290 cm. Of course, this size does not cover the entire room, so it is a good idea to change the size from here according to your preference. These are just guidelines, and there is no clear definition, so even in a room with 9 square meters or 12 square meters, you can lay a rug size to accent the room, and decide the arrangement as you like.

Be careful! The physical size of the living room cannot be changed


With a good choice of rugs and carpets, you can change the sensory size of your living room. What’s more, you don’t have to buy new furniture or replace the flooring. Light tones for the cramped living room, carpets of similar colors to large furniture if you want a crisp and unified interior, striped patterns for depth and expanse, and flat surface rugs for a clean look. When! In this way, the weaknesses of the living room can be covered by visual effects using flooring. Because of the wide variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and textures, you can expect the desired visual effect. Choose a rug that covers the weaknesses of your living room and create a relaxing space that is praised for its good taste.


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