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CSA’s members’ council stands down, appoints minister’s interim board

  • The interim board proposed by sports minister Nathi Mthethwa will be signed in as CSA directors.
  • This follows a standoff between the minister and the members’ council.
  • Haroon Lorgat is expected to remain on the interim board.

Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) members’ council on Tuesday confirmed that it would sign in the interim board set up by sports minister Nathi Mthethwa.

It ends a standoff that started last week Thursday when, through acting CSA president Rihan Richards, the members’ council had refused to acknowledge the interim board, which is chaired by Judge Zak Yacoob and also includes former CSA CEO Haroon Lorgat.

Lorgat’s involvement, among other things, was flagged as a major issue for the members’ council.

That stance from the members’ council drew criticism from the minister, the South African Cricketers’ Association (SACA), the interim board as well as the public and, after meetings over the course of the weekend, the members’ council has now agreed to hand over power.

A statement released by CSA said that there was now “a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities for the immediate future of CSA.”

“Everyone agreed on the way forward and to collaborate, strictly in accordance with the relevant legal framework,” the statement added.

Speaking on behalf of the interim board, Judith February added: “The interim board regards this as a positive step and looks forward to work together to achieving the desired results.”

Richards said: “In the spirit of the CSA vision, the members’ council considers the engagements with the interim board on the way forward, a leap in the right direction and anticipates cricket to be the winner as a result.”

After a meeting between the members’ council and the interim board Monday night, it’s understood that it was decided to adopt the interim board in its entirety. That means Lorgat is expected to stay on the interim board.

England, meanwhile, arrived in South Africa on Tuesday and will now begin a 10-day quarantine period before playing three T20s and three ODIs against the Proteas – in Cape Town and Paarl – between 27 November and 9 December.

There had been concern that further resistance from the members’ council would place the tour in jeopardy given that it could have forced the minister to potentially place CSA under administration.

That crisis has now been avoided, it seems, and the interim board will look to clean up an administration that has been on the rocks for well over a year.

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